La Canada West is a California Certified Recycling Corporation. We do liquidations and plant closures for the government, aerospace industry, U.S. Military, private corporations, and the banking community.

We specialize in downsizing and "rightsizing". La Canada West can eliminate costly, unnecessary storage space for your customers by helping them dispose of their unwanted (including outdated and obsolete) assets.

La Canada West provides a full circle of service to our customers -- certified e-waste handlers, recyclers, and buyers. We have thoroughly trained personnel and all the right equipment to handle any size project. Our trucking personnel are licensed and fully insured.

La Canada West, Inc. is the parent company of the AWARD WINNING West Side Recycling Company, which has operated in Southern California since 1946. The West Side Recycling buy-back facility, located in Glendale, is used as a test site by the State of California for recycling programs.

West Side Recycling specializes in developing programs for "Commercial Account" customers that suit their individual need for disposing of their scrap in the simplest, most profitable manner.

The combined services offered by these two companies have produced long-term relationships with the Cities of Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, and Pasadena and with business entities such as Coca Cola, Disney Studios, Lockheed Martin, ITT, Litton, NASA, USC, Allied Signal, MGA Universal, Aerojet, FAA, The Treasury Department, Bank of America, Citicorp, and the U.S. Marshall.

During the past year, La Canada West expanded its recycling efforts to include PCB (printed circuit board) dismantling and component recovery programs. WE solicit out pick-up services, computers, office equipment, and electronic equipment, to the corporate sector as well as individual consumer households.